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IIGE is committed to supporting faculty and institutions interested in implementing COIL methods into their programs by developing an all-in-one web interface that facilitates the connection and interaction of university administrators, instructors, and students across the globe. This effort is made possible through the MEXT grant under the Inter-University Exchange Project: Supporting Exchange with US Universities Using COIL-style Education, granted to Kansai University in 2018. With these funds, IIGE was able to sponsor a collaborative project with developer Class2Class for the creation of a web interface where connection (COIL partner matching) and collaboration (planning and executing COIL project) are made easy: ImmerseU. ImmerseU wants to help Institutionalize Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) by creating an all in one solution that facilitates the connection and interaction of University administrators, instructors, and students from different universities, cultures, and countries in the most innovative and immersive ways.

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