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What is COIL Plus?


This project will build upon the PBL (Project/Problem Based Learning) activities of COIL courses by establishing a three-track program that will improve the mobility of students enrolled in COIL courses; ① Language / Cross-cultural Understanding-focused, ② Expertise-Focused, and ③ Expertise-Focused Advanced (a certificate program).

Students will go abroad to experience a temporary, overseas staffing experience where they will participate in various activities such as internships, company visits, and classes in line with specialized themes to further expand upon the collaborative activities of COIL courses, which will be taken both before and after the study abroad program. Students from Japan and the U.S. will also be able to further deepen their exchange by meeting in person. The activities of COIL Plus will support students in thinking about their future potential with the viewpoint of overcoming borders, languages, and cultural barriers, as well as continuing to foster their development as the next generation of sought-after personnel.

This project, supported by the CARES Consortium*, is designed to foster the growth of students’ “Global Career Mindset” by positively incorporating business and corporate experience in a non-home environment during their stay in both countries and learning through COIL.

The CARES Consortium, established by Kansai University, which is made up of organizations from the industrial and financial sectors, academia, the Osaka Prefectural Government, and the local community. The Consortium currently manages the CARES-Osaka (2015-present), and SUCCESS-Osaka (2017-present) programs to support international student living and employment support.


The principal objective of the COIL Plus Program to Develop a “Global Career Mindset” is to train imaginative and skilled personnel to become active members of a global society in both Japan and the United States through various forms of learning, by cultivating consideration for diverse ways of thinking and opposing viewpoints based in an expert knowledge of history and culture, without being limited solely to acquiring practical language ability.

In order to achieve this goal, the already established Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) education method, launched in 2014 as part of the university’s internationalization initiative, will be utilized as the core of the project, which will promote exchange between specialized fields of the undergraduate and graduate schools.

Furthermore, through collaborative learning, the objective is to improve the mobility of students engaged in communication between Kansai University and partner universities in the United States through the facilitation of a short-term study abroad program.

List of COIL Plus Partner Universities

  Country University Department
1 U.S. Northern Arizona University Center for International Education
2 U.S. University of California, Berkeley Extension International Programs
3 U.S. University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo International Student Services & Intercultural Education
4 U.S. University of Hawaiʻi - Kapiʻolani Community College Paul S. Honda International Center
5 U.S. Northern Illinois University College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
6 U.S. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Mathematics
7 U.S. Fashion Institute of Technology, New York Office of International Programs
8 U.S. The University at Albany, State University of New York Center for International Education and Global Strategy
9 U.S. Clemson University Department of Bioengineering
10 U.S. James Madison University Center for Global Engagement
11 U.S. Michigan State University Department of Statistics and Probability
12 Taiwan Cheng Shiu University Office of International Affairs
13 Thailand Panyapiwat Institute of Management Liberal Arts
14 U.S. DePaul University Global Engagement and Online Learning
15 U.S. Western Washington University Institute for Global Engagement

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