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International Virtual Exchange Conference (IVEC) 2020

IIGE vice director Dr. Keiko Ikeda (Kansai University) has presented at International Virtual Exchange Conference (IVEC) 2020 from September 14th to 16th. IVEC 2020 was originally planned to be held at Newcastle University in UK, but due to the spread of COVID-19, it had been decided to be held exclusively online.
Dr. Ikeda presented in 3 sessions in the three-day conference.
Firstly, she had collaborated with Dr. Mary Lou Forwardthe Executive Director of the Open Education Consortium at SUNY COIL Center and gave a pre-recorded session with live Q & A in title of "Sustainability and Global Impact". In this session, they discussed the importance of incorporating SDGs in COIL by sharing actual COIL course examples conducted at SUNY and IIGE. Dr. Ikeda pointed out how introducing SDGs enables various interdisciplinary COIL matching, which allows students to work with those who are not only different culturally but also academically.




Moreover, Dr. Ikeda co-presented a workshop titled "The COIL BEVI Project: Evaluating the Impact of Virtual Exchange through Research and Practice", in which she collaborated with Ms. Veronica Onorevole, Associate Director at American Council on Education (ACE), Dr. Craig Shealy, professor at Western Washington University, Mr. Matthew Hightower, CEO of Class2Class, Loye Sekihata Ashton2019-Present. Chief Academic Officer of Class2Class, Dr. Hajime Nishitani, Professor at Hiroshima University, Ms. Lee Sternberger, Western Washington University, and John Dirkx, professor at Michigan State University. In this workshop, they introduced how BEVI (Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory) enables the impact of VE to be evaluated through research.
Lastly, Dr. Ikeda joined Paul Miller, CEO of Video Enhanced Observation (VEO) and Matthew Hightower, CEO of Class2Class to present another workshop titled "The “New Normal” of Virtual Exchange in the Near Future?: Using the Innovative EdTech to Bring Out High Impact Learning", where they discussed innovative pedagogy and its practice through virtual exchange.