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2020.09.14Advanced Programs

UMAP-COIL Joint Program 2020 Final Presentation

On September 14th, the students gathered for the last time for the 2020 UMAP-COIL Joint Program, where they presented the group work they had been working on since the middle of August. The students were divided into groups of 12 and each group had been working together online to research on a SDGs project of their choice.
Each group chose different SDGs topics such as environment, poverty, education, gender equality and so on.  One group chose poverty as their project topic and focused an organization helping children in the Philippines with their education. They made their presentation into a YouTube video, which you watch from the link (
At the presentation, we had Ms. Kate Sedwell and Mr. Robin Jenkins from Atlantic Pacific (, and Mr. Idrees Rasouli from X-Crop (, who were the guest speakers in the lectures, to come back as the guest judges. In addition, we welcomed Prof. Shingo Ashizawa from UMAP ( as one the judges for the final presentation. The students had an opportunity to receive feedback and comments from the judges, as well as some time to discuss their project with them.




The students will finish their program with the post-program workshop on ImmerseU (, which is the platform that has been used as an LMS for this program.
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