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Students from Hong Kong Baptist University visited Kansai University

On Thursday June 8th, 34 students and two professors from Hong Kong Baptist University's Department of Communication Studies visited Kansai University's Senriyama Campus as part of their study tour through Japan. During their visit, the Hong Kong students had the opportunity to attend a lecture on Japanese Popular Culture, which was delivered by IIGE Associate Professor Andrew Sowter. In groups, Kansai University students presented various aspects of Japanese popular culture and the students had lively conversations about their experiences in Japan. Prof. Sowter concluded the session with a brief lecture and an interactive quiz on Japanese sports.

Following the lecture, the students were taken on a campus tour of Kansai University. This allowed them to explore the facilities and get a glimpse of the university's vibrant academic environment. Additionally, the students had the chance to visit the MI-Room, where they had the opportunity to interact with Kansai University students and IIGE coordinators to discuss the possibility of pursuing further studies in Japan and to exchange information and ideas about studying abroad.