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2020.08.28Advanced Programs

CU-KU COIL for UMAP-COIL Joint Program 2020

Kansai University students have finished their 3-week conversation class with students at Clemson University, which had been running along side with the ongoing UMAP-COIL Joint Program.  The KU students were divided into groups of 2-3 and each group met online once a week with 2-3 CU TEFL students. During each class, the KU students were given opportunities to have conversations in English with CU students and able to learn tips and tricks for the program in which they have weekly discussions with the peers from all over the world.Following the completion of the class, we have received a special thank you video from the CU team in which each student said "Thank you" in different languages.IIGE would also like to  express our gratitude all the CU students for their effort and giving the KU students precious opportunity in such a difficult time.