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IIGE Vice-Director Keiko Ikeda presented at the IAU 2023 International Conference

On November 27th, IIGE vice-director Keiko Ikeda presented at the International Association of Universities Conference in Qatar. During the session "Moving beyond mobility – broadening the scope of Internationalization" she spoke about the new Japan Hub for Innovative Global Education (JIGE) project and how the three project universities are trying to revolutionize the Internationalization of higher education in Japan through innovative virtual exchange, blended mobility and internship programs.  


Session details

Breakout session III: Moving beyond mobility – broadening the scope of Internationalization

The dominant model of internationalization of higher education is driven by an economic rationale based on talent attraction for economic benefit. This results in a strong focus on student mobility and especially the attraction of (highly educated and fee-paying) international students. This model is neither equitable nor sustainable, therefore the question is: how can internationalization be beneficial to all societies around the world? Is the solution a holistic approach to internationalization that encompasses all institutional missions? If yes, how should higher education translate this into the three fundamental missions of teaching & learning, research and social engagement?

Chair: Inga Žalėnienė, Rector, Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania (5-10 minutes for setting the scene and introducing the session and speakers)


Hans de Wit, Professor Emeritus and Former Director of the Center for International Higher Education, Boston College & IAU Senior Fellow, USA (15-minute presentation)
Keiko Ikeda, Professor, Vice-Director, Kansai University, Institute for Innovative Global Education, Japan & Ryosuke Ohniwa, Head of Campus-in-Campus and Platform group of the Bureau of Global Initiatives, University of Tsukuba, Japan  (15-minute presentation)
Francisco Marmolejo, President of Higher Education, Qatar Foundation, Qatar (15-minute presentation)