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Clemson University students visited Kansai University

In June IIGE welcomed 14 students and professor Kumiko Saito from Clemson University in the United States for two eventful days of cultural exchange with Kansai University students. 


On the first day, June 13th, the students attended an SDGs & Business class led by IIGE's Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Eko Heru Prasetyo. The theme of the lecture revolved around the gender gap in Japan, prompting lively discussions among the students. They actively explored the causes and potential measures to enhance gender equality, delving into the underlying issues and potential solutions.


The day culminated with a special gathering where the Clemson University students met with KU students who they had previously collaborated with on a virtual exchange project before they arrived in Japan. Led by IIGE vice-director and Professor Keiko Ikeda, the virtual exchange project involved discussions conducted in Japanese on Padlet, focusing on the students' respective career aspirations. The in-person meeting provided a unique opportunity for the Clemson University students to establish personal connections and further extend their conversations.

On the second day, June 20th, the students participated in a lecture on sustainable tourism, also facilitated by Dr. Eko Heru Prasetyo. This session shed light on the importance of sustainable practices within the tourism industry, encouraging the students to consider the long-term impacts, both positive and negative,  of traveling.