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IIGE presented at the 2023 APAIE conference

IIGE was honored present and organize  four sessions with valued collegues and partners at the 2023 APAIE conference and exhibition held in Bangkok last week.  

About the 2023 APAIE conference 

The 2023 APAIE conference, organized by the Asia-Pacific Association of International Educatation is the largest conference on international education in the Asia Pacific. The theme of this year's conference was Towards a Sustainable Future for International Education in the Asia Pacific. As such, IIGE presented about various sustainability-related programs at IIGE and how virtual exchange and collaborative online international learning can contribute to a sustainble future of global learning. 

Presentations by IIGE

IIGE presented and co-facilitated the following sessions:

1.  Intentional partnership development: Models across Asia and the Pacific (Keiko Ikeda)
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2. International Education and Metaverse - Digitally Accelerated Method for COIL (Keiko Ikeda, Don Bysouth)
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3. The Strategic Execution of a Sustainable Intra-ASEAN Virtual Exchange Programme (Keiko Ikeda)
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4. Next phase of partnership building: Cross-institutionally operated virtual exchange programs (Sajjad Pouromid, Rob Kuipers, Don Bysouth)
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