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21st Century Skills program started last week

Our 21st Century Skills’ in the spring J-MCP program 2023 has kicked off last week.  This course is designed to help students acquire the knowledge and core competencies required to succeed in today’s world (e.g. critical thinking, digital literacy, intercultural collaboration and cross-cultural communication, presentation skills, etc.) through collaborative projects with their overseas peers. The course combines synchronous activities with multi-media and engaging asynchronous materials.


About 60 students are joining us with diverse group of students who come from Canada, Malaysia, Russia, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, and of course Japan.

During week 1, the students attended interactive workshops on presentation skills and were challenged to give the worst presentation, a fun activity designed to reconsider the do’s don’ts of presenting. Students also learned how to develop presentation roadmaps.


Our intensive spring program will last for 5 weeks, with 3 weeks of live lectures and 2 weeks in which the students work on their collaborative online international learning (COIL) project.