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IIGE Season's Greetings


Dear Valued Colleagues and COIL Partners,


With the borders open for the first time in more than two years, we have much to look forward to and much to look back on as we prepare for 2023. 


Over the past five years, the Kansai University Institute for Innovative Global Education (IIGE) has facilitated over 100 seminars, webinars, and workshops in conjunction with our esteemed colleagues and institutional partners, hosted 5 international forums and symposia, welcomed over 60 domestic and international institutions to the Japan-COIL Association, published 10 editions of our whitepaper (the I-Paper) with VE/COIL best practice reports, conducted 14 short-term COIL Plus mobility programs under the MEXT Inter-University Exchange Project, established the Japan-Multilateral COIL/VE Program, and enjoyed the repeated success of the Kansai University Engaged/Exchange Online Learning (KU-EOL) Program, and the UMAP-COIL Joint Honors Program, as well as the culmination of COIL projects for domestic and overseas students by our esteemed faculty and their overseas partners.


We at IIGE wish to extend our best wishes for happy holidays and a joyous new year, and express our sincerest gratitude for your continued support and encouragement in our mission to foster future-ready graduates who will contribute to the global workforce.


We look forward to furthering our collaborative efforts in 2023!