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The World Council Symposium on Virtual Intercultural Competence

On Monday October 3rd, IIGE Vice-Director Keiko Ikeda presented at the World Council Symposium on Virtual Intercultural Competence. Her presentation provided insight into the Japanese perspectives on COIL (collaborative online international learning) and how virtual programs, such as those hosted by IIGE and Kansai University, connect Japan with universities overseas, and improve intercultural competence (ICC) in domestic and international students.


About the Symposium

Hosted by the World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence and sponsored by Gazelle International and Global Inclusion, the half-day symposium brought together attendees to learn, network, and discuss about virtual ICC practices and theories to further collaborate on designing effective and appropriate virtual ICC learning that reaches diverse learners.


During the symposium, attendees learned how to: 

1. Facilitate virtual ICC learning – what is “good” facilitation? What makes virtual ICC projects successful?
2. Acknowledge and value non-dominant forms of cultural knowledge from underrepresented locations or peoples.
3. Network across cultures and borders to collaborate and learn from and with each other in furthering our understanding of virtual ICC practices and knowledge – cross-cultural virtual collaboration in action!


Other amazing speakers included:

Stephanie Doscher, Ed. D., Director of the Office of Collaborative Online International Learning, Florida International University, United States
Prof. Dr. Robert O'Dowd, University of Leon, Spain


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