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The J-MCP summer program started

The J-MCP Summer 2022 modules kicked off on August 1st, with the opening of a pre-program workshop. These modules (21st Century Skills, Diversity & Inclusion, and SDGS & Business) will address a diverse range of topics and themes welcoming 177 students from 15 countries and regions.


Live lectures began on August 16, in which program instructors introduced themselves and the course topics and expectations and provided an overview for the program modules. Students were also given an opportunity to get to know each other better before undertaking the intensive 5-week program.


In 21st Century Skills, digital literacy was introduced, and the students were divided into groups and tasked with giving a final presentation, in which students are expected to come up with a “what-if” situation and provide a day-to-day life solution at the end of the program.


The Diversity & Inclusion module began with the consideration of the question, “Why does diversity matter?” In the first week, the students were introduced to the multifaceted benefits of considering different perspectives and experiences through the medium of discussion. For their final presentation, they are expected to present their thoughts on cross-cultural communication in different areas of their social lives.


In the first week of the SDGS & Business course, students were introduced to a general framework of corporate social responsibility and accountability in different practices of business. A guest speaker from C.P. Group in Thailand provided insight on corporate social responsibility along with an introduction of his company group’s framework for sustainability. For their final project, the students are expected to pitch a sustainable business idea.