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KU Students Join DePaul Univ. Global Conversations

Students in the Global Awareness course at Kansai University joined international peers to take part in a Global Conversations session organized by DePaul University on May 6, 2022.


The session, which was moderated by Prof. Sajjad Pouromid and Prof. Eko Heru Prasetyo from Kansai University, and Prof. Jordan Stalker from DePaul University revolved around the topic of citizenship and professionalism in high- and low-context cultures.


The audience first listened to short lectures from the moderators on points to keep in mind when communicating across high- and low-context cultures and the advantages and disadvantages of living in monoethnic or polyethnic cultures. They were then assigned to breakout rooms to discuss how to become world citizens and bring dignity to their daily interactions.