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2024.03.15Advanced Programs

Hawaii program: Exploring Hawaii's Marine Conservation

On March 15, 2024, Lecturer Jennifer Sims, an esteemed member of the Math & Natural Sciences Department at Hawaii Community College, delivered a thought-provoking lecture on the conservation of Hawaii's sea creatures. During this engaging presentation, Lecturer Sims provided a comprehensive overview of the unique organisms found in Hawaiian waters, while also addressing the significant threats facing iconic species such as green sea turtles and monk seals. During the lecture, Sims highlighted the diverse marine life of Hawaii and the challenges they face, including the impacts of global climate change and its effect on Northwestern Hawaiian Island species.She emphasized the urgency of conservation efforts to protect these precious creatures and their habitats.


Following the lecture, Lecturer Sims led Kansai University students on a field trip to a tide pool, providing them with a firsthand glimpse of Hawaii's marine life. Though the group didn't encounter green sea turtles as hoped, Sims' own students joined the excursion and assisted KU students in discovering sea creatures such as sea cucumbers, starfish, and sea urchins.  A particularly memorable moment occurred when several students spotted the spout of a humpback whale, believed by Lecturer Sims to be a mother and calf due to the presence of two distinct spouts.


The field trip left a lasting impression on the KU students, reinforcing the importance of biodiversity conservation and environmental awareness. As they returned from the excursion, they carried with them newfound knowledge and a deeper connection to Hawaii's marine ecosystem, thanks to Sims and her students' guidance and assistance.