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2024.03.13Advanced Programs

Hawaii program: Exploring Sustainability at Lavaloha Chocolate Farm

On the radiant day of March 13, students embarked on an enlightening visit to the Lavaloha Chocolate Farm, where they delved into the intricate world of sustainable cacao cultivation and artisanal chocolate production. Nestled beneath the clear Hawaiian skies, the farm provided a picturesque setting for a day of discovery and indulgence.


During the immersive farm tour, students were introduced to the three kinds of cacao grown on the farm. Led by knowledgeable guides, they learned about the unique characteristics of each type of cacao and had the opportunity to taste the luscious cacao fruits, gaining a deeper understanding of the farm's rich biodiversity.


Beyond cacao cultivation, students discovered the farm's commitment to sustainability and community collaboration. They learned about the innovative practices employed to maintain the farm's ecological balance and heard inspiring stories of how Lavaloha Chocolate Farm collaborates with nearby farms to give back to the local community, fostering a spirit of environmental stewardship and social responsibility.The highlight of the visit was a captivating demonstration of the chocolate-making process. Students witnessed the journey from bean to bar, learning about the meticulous steps involved in crafting high-quality chocolate. To conclude the tour, students savored a selection of delectable sample chocolates, each showcasing the farm's dedication to flavor, quality, and sustainability.