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2021.07.05Advanced Programs

LLC Limited Training Series Wrap-Up

IIGE launched its first Language-Learning focused COIL (LLC) workshop in June, 2021. The workshop was designed for teachers of English as a foreign language as well as teachers of Japanese as a foreign language in Japan and the US who sought to incorporate COIL into their regular language learning courses. Fifteen participants applied for the workshop and took part in the three-week training offered to them on ImmerseU, a dedicated platform for planning and implementing COIL and LLC projects. 


The workshop content that was provided by Kansai University specially appointed assistant professor, Dr. Sajjad Pouromid, covered a range of topics including background and theoretical assumptions of LLC, planning LLC projects and designing tasks for them, and devising measures to assess students’ performance in collaborative online language learning projects. 


Participants in the workshop had the opportunity to find partners for their prospective LLC projects in the workshop, practice planning and implementing LLC projects with hands-on activities, and receive feedback on their initial plans. The workshop started on June 5, with two ImmerseU onboarding sessions facilitated by Kansai University assistant professor Elvita Wiasih, and lasted until July 2 with a combination of on-demand materials and three real-time Q&A and idea-sharing sessions. 


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