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2022.04.25About COILCOIL Course Example

DePaul University-Kansai University COIL

On April 25, Kansai University students enrolled in Prof. Keiko Ikeda's Japanese language teaching methodology course met online with their COIL partners at DePaul University (Illinoi, US) for the first time. Although the KU students had already been communicating with their US peers via online platform for the last few weeks, it was their first time to interact with each other in real time. 
The KU students and their COIL partners, who are enrolled in a Japanese translation course led by Prof. Nobuko Chikamatsu, will be working on a joint project  for the next couple weeks. In today's Zoom session, they were able to meet their group members, and had an opportunity to introduce themselves as well as discuss the project content. Each group was also asked to establish a schedule for the next 2 online meetings in which they will begin working on developing their project.