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Virtual Mi-Room
 (Virtual Multilingual Immersion Room:バーチャル エムアイルーム)

Information for 2024 Spring Semester!
*English follows Japanese


🌸Virtual Mi-Room 春学期の開室について
・毎週火曜日 15:50~16:50
・毎週木曜日 13:00~14:00


関大生と海外学生が自由に出入りできるバーチャルスペース"oVice"にて気軽なチャットができます。バーチャル空間(oVice)はZoomとは異なり、自分のアバターを使って移動します! 他の参加学生とリアルで隣にいるように交流ができます!

⇒Virtual Mi-Room/oViceへのアクセスはこちら

・日本人の友達を作りたい留学生・海外大学生 etc…

リアルMi-Roomと同様に、留学生を含めた学生スタッフ(GTA)がoViceで待機しています! 気軽に話しかけてください!


Virtual Mi-Room 2024 Spring semester information
Virtual Mi-Room will be open between May 14 and June 27, on the following days and times;
・ Every Tuesday,  3:50PM-4:50PM
・ Every Thursday, 1:00PM-2:00PM

What is Virtual Mi-Room/oVice?
An online interaction space where Kansai University students and students overseas can join together and casually communicate with each other. This virtual space (oVice) is different from other meeting tools like Zoom, in a sense that you can easily go around the room set in the space using your own avatar. This function will make you feel as if you are interacting with others in person.

How to join us / About Virtual Space "oVice"
Enter ”oVice" at the start time!
Click here to access Virtual Mi-Room/oVice.
⇒For information on how to use oVice: see this video!

We recommend Virtual Mi-Room/ovice for those who...
・want to casually chat with other international students from all over the world.
・want to study abroad, but need to save money/time
・want to go to Mi-Room but have no chance, because you are busy, belong to a
different campus, etc.
・are an international student and want to make friends with Japanese students


Similar to the real Mi-Room on campus,GTAs will be welcoming you in the Virtual Mi-Room. Feel free to talk to them, and become new friends with them.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Contact:Kansai University "Mi-Room"