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The summary of our program

Minority and Law- Perspective the Nation and Society in the 21th Century.

by Dr. N. Kochu

This program is a five years program from 2008 to 2013 regarding “Research to Construct the Base of the Studies” funded by the Japan Government.
According to a paper approved by the Gov., this project notes that through considering an idea of minority, its goal is to solve “the Nation and Society” that various people conceive.
It is impossible to envision the picture of nation in the 21th century without facing the hidden issue of minority.

A) we research the theory of the Nation-state in the 21th Century called “the global citizen” Nation and sociology. In this first goal, we have three approaches.

  1. Develop minority research in Asian countries based on our previous achievements
  2. Review the issue of minority in Canada, Australia having multiculturalism
  3. Study respectively issue of minorities in North America and Europe.


B) our project reviews the idea of minorities based on the broad meaning of minority. Also, regardless of the broad and narrow definition of the minority, we regard the ruler and ruled as living model and a tug of war.

C) our project creates a base and a network for research for minority by interdisciplinary approaches.

Our project notes that in our project there are two unique and significant approaches. First, our approach at our project has a new perspective.
Second, our studies focus on building of new global citizenship and minority. Minority studies lead those living at rim (fringe) to boundary being melted to away. The contents of the existing boundary and the nation are changed through minority studies.
Our project has significance and uniqueness in that through minority studies the tension in Nation-State is relieved and reconstructed from the Nation to the State legally and physiologically.

In research on “Bill of rights and minority” and “approach from rim”, the achievement of Kansai University has sent high level messages to the all of the world. Our study project inherits previous achievements, cooperates with other groups and becomes a part of Kansai University researches. From Kansai University to the world, our project goal is to send messages. Our project aims to build the base for minority studies in the world.


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