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How to search and contact Professors (Master's Degree Program / Ph. D. Degree Program)

Kansai University Graduate School Administrators will not search for a professor within their department whose current work closely matches your own research or transfer your e-mail to the professor. Please contact the professor whom you would like to have as your academic supervisor.

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〔夏季休業〕 8月1日~9月20日
〔冬季休業〕 12月26日~1月5日
〔春季休業〕 3月24日~3月31日



教員のメールアドレス宛てに電子メールを送ってください。なお、必ずしも教員からすぐに返信があるとは限りません。10日以上経過しても教員から連絡がない場合は、大学院入試グループ へ問い合わせてください。
ただし、外国人研究生を専願する場合は、教職支援センター へ問い合わせてください。


※ 個人宅の住所・電話番号はお教えできません。


〔宛先〕〒564-8680 吹田市山手町3-3-35 関西大学大学院○○研究科 △△□□(教員の氏名)


〔宛先〕〒569-1095 高槻市霊仙寺町2-1-1 関西大学大学院総合情報学研究科 △△□□(教員の氏名)


〔宛先〕〒569-1098 高槻市白梅町7-1 関西大学大学院社会安全研究科 △△□□(教員の氏名)


〔宛先〕〒590-8515 堺市堺区香ヶ丘町1-11-1 関西大学大学院人間健康研究科 △△□□(教員の氏名)

How to search for information

Kansai University Graduate School Guide Book “Digital Brochure” (Japanese Only)
Each graduate school will offer details about professors’ research themes and contact information.

Kansai University System for Academic Information
On this system you can search researchers by their affiliation, specialized field, and/or keywords. A detailed search is also available. You can click the name of researchers to view their profiles. Their profiles or websites will offer details about their current affiliation, research activities and achievements. Some professors may disclose their email address as well.

Kansai University ORDIST (Organization for Research and Development of Innovation Science and Technology) Research Staff
You can search professors who belong to ORDIST by keywords.
ORDIST provides information about all members of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and some members of the Graduate School of Informatics and Societal Safety Sciences.

Kansai University Institutional Repository
This system is designed to offer open access to the archives of Kansai University's research publications, such as journal articles, bulletin papers, and doctoral theses. Some graduate schools list bulletin papers from current graduate students.
This is to provide you with an idea of what kind of research is conducted at Kansai University.

Kansai University Syllabus Search
It is possible to search the lecture summary by curriculum table / subject name / instructor name / keywords.
Information on Instructor,Day/Period,Course Description,etc.will be displayed.

How to contact Professors

If you are applying to the Graduate School of Sociology, Informatics, Science and Engineering, Psychology(Psychology Major) or Health and Well-being, you will need to contact professors before the admission process starts. Please note that all Foreign Research Students must receive an acceptance approval from their academic supervisors before applying for admission.
The utmost importance is finding the right graduate supervisor who will best match your work, so we highly recommend all applicants to contact professors before applying.

  • Note)
    If you are going to the Graduate School of Psychology (Clinical Psychology Major),
    there is no need to contact professors before applying.
    Please note the professors from the the Graduate School of Psychology (Clinical Psychology Major) do not accept consultation from applicants by email or letter,individual consultation will be allowed only at the Admissions Guidances of Kansai University.

Please send e-mails to the professors directly.
Some professors shall not disclose their email address on their website. Even if this is the case, you may send a letter to contact them.
It might be difficult to make contact with professors during holidays as below. Please make sure you give yourself ample time to contact professors by the time the online application starts.

〔Summer vacation〕 From August 1 to September 20
〔Winter vacation〕 From December 26 to January 5
〔Spring vacation〕 From March 24 to March 31

※Due to the offices being closed for vacations, the internal delivery service will also stop from August 11 to August 20, and December 26 to January 5.

Contact by e-mail

Send your e-mail to the professor directly. Some professors may not be able to reply to you right away. Please contact the Graduate School Admissions Group if you do not receive any feedback from the professors within more than 10 days.

Contact by post

Send your letter to the following address.
※ Please note that the personal address/telephone number of our faculty members will not be disclosed.
Please contact the Graduate School Admissions Group if you do not receive any response from the professors after more than 3 weeks since you sent your letter.

【Law, Letters, Economics, Business and Commerce, Sociology, Science and Engineering,
Foreign Language Education and Research, Psychology(Psychology Major), East Asian Cultures, Governance】

To Prof. (Last name, first name) from the Graduate School of (________)
3-3-35 Yamate-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka 564-8680 Japan


To Prof. (Last name, first name) from the Graduate School of Informatics
Ryozenji-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka 569-1095 Japan

【Societal Safety Sciences】

To Prof. (Last name, first name) from the Graduate School of Societal Safety Sciences
7-1 Hakubai-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka 569-1098 Japan

【Health and Well-being】

To Prof. (Last name, first name) from the Graduate School of Health and Well-being
1-11-1 Kaorigaoka-cho, Sakai-shi, Osaka 590-8515 Japan