List of Faculty Members

Department of Chemistry and Materials Engineering

Title Name Research Area
Professor AOTA Hiroyuki Construction of Artificial Photosynthetic System
Solar Cell using Polymer Semi-Conductor
Preparation of Narrow-Bandgap Polymer
ARACHI Yoshinori Synthesis and crystal structure analysis of Inorganic Functional Materials
Materials Chemistry of Lithium Ion Batteries and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Physical properties of Super Ionic Conductors
FURUIKE Tetsuya Glycotechnology
Supramolecular Chemistry
Biopolymer Science
HARADA Miyuki Synthesis of High Performance Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resin
Epoxy/Layered Clay Nanocomposites
Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials
HARUNA Takumi Surface Engineering
Corrosion Science and Engineering
Surface Modification for Metals and Alloys
HIRANO Yoshiaki Peptide Based Biomaterials
Peptide Engineering
Peptide-polymer Hybrid Materials
HOSHIYAMA Yasuhiro Development of Rapidly Solidified Composite Deposits
Development of Low Environmental Load Type Casting
Surface Modification of Metallic Materials
IKEDA Masahiko Change in Electrical Resistivity of Beta Titanium Alloys with Heat Treatments
Development of New Cost-Affordable Beta Titanium Alloys for Health-care Goods
Development of New Cost-Affordable Beta Titanium Alloys for Sport Goods
Development of New Cost-Affordable Beta Titanium Alloys for Medical Applications
Development of Tin-Copper System Lead Free Solders
ISHIKAWA Masashi Electrochemistry
Development of Novel Materials for Rechargeable Batteries
Development of Advanced Materials for Super and Hybrid Capacitors
IWASAKI Yasuhiko Biomedical Materials
Biointerface Science
Polymer Synthesis and Modification
KAWASAKI Hideya Hybrid Nanomaterials
Fabrication of Metal Nanoparticles and Nanoclusters
Nanomaterials for Mass Spectrometry
KOZUKA Hiromitsu Ceramic Materials Engineering
Science on Sol-Gel Preparation of Ceramic Coatings
Sol-Gel Processing of Functional Ceramic Materials
Sol-Gel Processing of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
KUDO Hiroto Synthesis of High Resolution Resist Materials
Development of Novel Dynamic Covalent Chemistry Systems
Synthesis of Cyclic Polymers
KUZUYA Akinori Structural DNA Nanotechnology
Bioorganic and Supramolecular Chemistry
Molecular Robotics
MARUYAMA Toru Development of Casting materials
Solidification Structure of High-Entropy Alloy
Research of Environmentally Friendly Casting Process
MIYATA Takashi Polymer Gels
Membranes and Films
Surface Science
Bio-inspired Materials
NAKABAYASHI Yasuo Coordination Chemistry (Biological Inorganic Chemistry)
Development of Novel Metal Complexes with Antitumor Activity
Investigation for Mediation of Metal Complexes used as Biosensors
NISHIMOTO Akio Surface Modification of Metallic Materials
Joining of Dissimilar Materials
Spark Plasma Sintering
NISHIYAMA Yutaka Organic Chemistry
Synthetic Chemistry
Heteroatom Chemistry
OBORA Yasushi Organometallic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Synthetic Chemistry
OHYA Yuichi Synthesis of Biodegradable Smart Materials and Their Application in Biomedical Fields
Synthesis of Biodegradable Polymers for Regenerative Medicine and Drug Delivery Systems
SAKAGUCHI Satoshi Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Organometallic Chemistry
Asymmetric Catalysis
SANDA Fumio Synthesis of Photoelectrically Functional Polymers
Synthesis of Optically Active Functional Polymers
Development of Precisely Controlled Transition Metal Catalyzed Polymerization
TAKENAKA Toshihide Innovative Production Process of Rare-Metals
Progressive Recycling Process of Rare-Metals
Chemical Phenomena in High Temperature Medium
TAKESHITA Hiroyuki T. Hydrogen Storage Materials
Sustainable Energy System
Gas-Solid Reaction
TAMURA Hiroshi Chemical and Biological Application of Chitin and Chitosan
Fiber Spinning of Natural Occurring Polymer
TANAKA Koichi Synthesis and Structure of Chiral Schiff-Base Macrocycles
Chiral Metal Organic Framework (MOF) for Asymmetric Catalysis and Enantiomer Separation
UEDA Masato Biomaterials
Surface Modification of Metallic and Inorganic Materials
Extra-precision measurement of electrical resistivity
YAJIMA Tatsuo Studies of noncovalent interactions between molecules
Preparation of optically-active non-proteinogenic amino acids
Clarification and applications of noncovalent interaction supported by metal ions
Associate Professor KAKINOKI Sachiro Design and characterization of novel artificial proteins by conformational control
Development of methods for surface modification of biomedical materials
Design and synthesis of artificial extracellular matrix
KAWAMURA Akifumi Polymer Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
Functional Soft Materials
Surface Chemistry of Polymer Materials
KONDO Ryota Hydrogen storage alloy
Medium scale hydrogen carrier
Solid state catalysts
MORISHIGE Taiki Material Design of Light Metals
Metal Refining and Recovery
Magnesium Alloy
NAKAI Misaki Glycoconjugated Metal Complex
Development of a Photosensitizing Drug Photodynamic Therapy
Development of a Rediosensitizer as a Diagnosis Drug
UCHIYAMA Hiroaki Nanostructural Control of Functional Ceramic Materials
Science on Growth of Inorganic Crystals in Solutions
UMEDA Rui Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Structural Organic Chemistry
Expanded pi-Conjugation System
YANO Masafumi Synthetic chemistry
Structural organic chemistry
Organic semiconductor
YAMAGATA Masaki Electrochemistry of Ionic Liquids(Molten Salts)
Fundamental Study on Electrode-Electrolyte Interface
Material Design for Energy Storage Devices
Assistant Professor HIROHATA Youhei Evaluation of Atmospheric Corrosion
Corrosion Science and Prevention Technology
Development of Sensors Based on Electrochemistry
KAKU Koken Development of Artificial Photosynthetic System
Synthesis of Structure-controlled Polymers
Development of Photoelectrically Functional Devices

Department of Life Science and Biotechnology

Title Name Research Area
Professor FUKUNAGA Kenji Food Chemistry
HASEGAWA Yoshie Genetic Engineering
Microbial Degradation of Cycloparaffins
Mechanism of Transcriptical Regulation in Bacteria
IWAKI Hiroaki Biodegradation of Xenobiotics
Microbial Ecology
Microbial Bioconversion and Bioproduction
KATAKURA YoshioEthanol Production from Biomass
Symbiosis of Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeast
Safety and Ethics in Engineering
Analysis and application of solid state fermentation
KAWAHARA Hidehisa Antifreeze protein
Supercooling-facilitating material
Adhesive protein
MATSUMURA Yoshinobu Biodegradation of Environmental Pollutant
Stress Response and Tolerance in Bacterial Cell
Disinfection of Biofilm and Planktonic Cell
Production of Biodiesel and utilization of biomass
NAGAOKA Yasuo Pharmaceutical Technology
Exploratory Investigation of Bioactive Products for Drugs and Cosmetics
Exploratory Investigation of Anti-Cancer Agents
OIKAWA Tadao Enzyme Science, Enzyme Technology
Biochemistry of D-Amino Acid
Isolation and Application of Novel Enzymes
SHIMOKE Koji Molecular and Cellular Effect of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress on Neurons
Epigenetic Regulation on Neurite Outgrowth
Neural Network to Express A Specific Phenotype
YOSHIDA Munehiro Nutritional Sciences
Trace Elements in Human and Animal Nutrition
Dietary Reference Intake of Trace Elements
Associate Professor HOSOMI Ryota Influence of Superchilling (Hyo-On) Treatment on Food Components
Health Promoting Effect of Protein Derive from Seafood
Screening of Food Components for Regulation of Lipid Metabolism
SUMIYOSHI Takaaki Design and synthesis of bioactive compounds
Identification of biological functions by using bioactive compounds
Innovation of new technology for drug discovery
YAMANAKA Kazuya Genomics-guided Discovery of Biosynthetic Genes for Novel Bioactive Molecules
Biosynthetic Studies for Structurally Unique Microbial Bioactive Molecules
Development of a Genetic Platform for Efficient Production of Bioactive Molecules
YAMASAKI Shino Design and Development of Probiotics
Analysis of interacthions between lactic acid bacteria and carbohydrates
Screening of bioactive natural componets
YASUHARA Hiroki Plant Cell Technology
Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants
Mechanism of Cytokinesis in Higher Plant Cells
Lecturer YAMADE Kazuhiro Biochemical Engineering
Design of Bioreactor
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