共催: 関西大学経済学会

日時: 2020年8月7日(金)15:30~17:00

場所: オンライン・セミナー

報告者: 森知晴 氏 (Tomoharu Mori)
      立命館大学総合心理学部 (Ritsumeikan University)

タイトル: "The Impact of Test Score Labels on University Choice: A Regression Discontinuity Design Approach"

要旨: We used data from Japanese university entrance exams to examine how the test result score labels affect students' application behavior. Students know their raw score (a continuous variable) and the score label (a discrete variable) that indicates their likelihood of success after the first test at the same time. We used a regression discontinuity design to show that score labels affect students' application behavior, with behavior jumping around the score label threshold. We further test for the heterogeneity of the jumps, taking advantage of the large data set.