• Research Strategy by the Dean

    Research Strategy by the DeanRISS will aim to conduct policy research that integrates social science, mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

  • Researchers / Research Activities

    Researchers / Research ActivitiesInformation on designated research issues, open recruitment, academic publications, conferences, and lectures are posted.

  • Joint Usage / Research

    Joint Usage / ResearchRISS will disclose psychological economic data archives to researchers and establish a new field of joint research.

  • Supporting Academic Societies for RISS

    Supporting Academic Societies for RISSVarious international societies and academic societies support our joint research. Information on the peer-reviewed English journal, Review of Socionetwork Strategies, is also on this page.

  • Collaborating Research Institute

    Collaborating Research InstituteRISS will work with other research institutes from inside and outside of Japan to promote joint research using psychological economic data archives.

  • Self-inspection / External Evaluation

    Self-Inspection / External EvaluationRISS will reorganize research activities annually by conducting self-inspections while also receiving advice from the RISS External Evaluations Committee. Achievements from external funds are also posted.

  • Center for Experimental Economics
  • Data Science Laboratory
  • Research Center of Socionetwork Strategies
  • Policy Grid Computing Laboratory
  • Data Mining Laboratory