A message from the Director / Introduction of the Lecturers

A message from Director, Center for International Education

Eiichi YAMAMOTO, Ph. D. Director International Education

Kansai University (KU) is a comprehensive private university with an illustrious 137-year history. With the long-established history and tradition in education, Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Preparatory Course (Bekka) is unique to KU.

The course utilizes the most pedagogically reliable ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to promote proficiency not only in Japanese as a second language, but also in academic skills, media literacy, and other areas that are essential in higher education. Students in this program are treated as students of the university, and have full use of KU facilities on the main campus such as the main library and computer labs. Bekka students are also able to audit or register some regular classes and participate in university club activities.

The course is housed in a specially built center called the Kansai University Minami-Senri International Plaza. The Plaza boasts well-equipped facilities and equipment for the Bekka program, and also houses a 165-room dormitory. At the Plaza, Bekka students live and study with international students, KU students who are Resident Assistants, and also have opportunities to interact with local Minami-Senri citizens. The Plaza’s features and location were designed to encourage multicultural exchange where all people can learn together.

In March 2023, a symposium was held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its establishment. Not only graduates of our University, but also graduates who have entered undergraduate and graduate schools of other universities, as well as those who are active in society, gathered at our commemorative events, and the circle of Bekka has a wider circle of friends.

Many faculties and graduate schools of Kansai University have also introduced the special admission options for Bekka students, providing them with more opportunities for learning and career paths.We invite you to study at the Plaza, learn the Japanese language and culture, and gain the experience needed to continue at colleges and universities at undergraduate and embrace your willingness to meet new challenges and graduate levels. The Bekka will help nurture your capacity as a global citizen.

The course instructors, staff, and I very much look forward to welcoming you to our campus and new facility.

Center for International Education

Introduction of Lecturers

In this program, highly skilled instructors who are experienced in teaching and research will take charge of an assortment of 38 subjects. Here are the main instructors who are at the center of educational activities.

  • Lecturer:Atsushi Akagiri
    Lecturer: Atsushi Akagiri
    :Foreign Language Acquisition and Education
    Academic Degrees
    :Ph.D. in Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
  • Lecturer: Yukihiro Ohashi
    Lecturer: Yukihiro Ohashi
    :Japanese Language Education
    Academic Degrees
    :Master of Arts, University of Greenwich
  • Lecturer: Tomomi Sueyoshi
    Lecturer: Tomomi Sueyoshi
    :Japanese Language Education Studies
    Academic Degrees
    :Ph.D. in Letters, Osaka University
  • Lecturer:Mariko Tsuda
    Lecturer: Mariko Tsuda
    :Japanese Language Education Studies
    Academic Degrees
    :M.A., in Language Education and Information Science, Ritsumeikan University
  • Lecturer: Juli Tsubota
    Lecturer: Tzuhsuan Ma
    :Japanese Linguistics
    Academic Degrees
    :Ph.D. in Literature, Osaka University
  • Lecturer:Chisato Murakami
    Lecturer: Chisato Murakami
    :Teaching Japanese as a Second language, Applied Linguistics
    Academic Degrees
    :Ph.D in studies of Language and Culture, Osaka University
  • Lecturer:Chiaki Yamada
    Lecturer: Chiaki Yamada
    Academic Degrees
    :M.A., in Letters, Nagoya University
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