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Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Program Bekka is a one year-program( * )in principle. The purpose of this Program is to provide instruction in the Japanese language, Japan studies, and Japanese culture to international students who intend to proceed to the next stage of education as a student at Kansai University or at other Japanese universities after passing the entrance examination.

*The period of study is one year in principle, but can be extended for another year with permission from the Center for International Education.

Outline of entrance examinations (2022)

Be sure to refer to theAdmission Guidefor application forms.

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Student Enrollment 130 students (Total for April Admission and September Admission)

Those who satisfy all of the following conditions (1) through (3).

  1. (1) Those who with foreign nationality.
  2. (2) Those who fall under any of the following ① through ⑤.
    1. ①Those who have completed 12-year curriculum of schooling in their home country or expect to complete their education before entering the Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course (Bekka).
    2. ②Those who have passed a national examination (including examinations equivalent to national examinations) in a foreign country which certifies that the persons have academic ability equivalent to or higher than that of persons who have completed 12 years of school education, and who will reach 18 years of age by the date of enrollment.
    3. ③Those who have acquired any of the international qualifications for admission to a university (International Baccalaureate, GCE A-Level, Abitur, Baccalaureate) in a foreign country.
    4. ④Those who have completed 12 years of study at an educational institution in a foreign country that has been certified by an international evaluation body (WASC, ACSI, CIS) for educational activities, etc.
    5. ⑤Those who are recognized by Center for International Education, Kansai University as having the same or higher qualifications as ① through ④, and will reach 18 years of age by the date of enrollment.
      ※If your home country has such as an 11-year education system, please contact us separately. Students who are from such a system can apply for the course when The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) acknowledges it as having an equivalent level of education.
      ※If you possess dual nationality with Japan and other country, please notify us in advance.
  3. (3) Those who have studied Japanese language for more than a year (more than 300 hours) or have Japanese language proficiency equivalent to Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N4 level at the time of application for the course.
    ※In principle, those who have studied for more than a year at an educational institution in Japan at the time of entry into this course are not allowed to apply.
Entrance Application Fee JPY20,000
Selection Procedure Reviewing application materials and the interview

How to become a Bekka student

Procedure for becoming a Bekka student

How to become a Bekka student

*If the applicant already resides in Japan, procedures (11), (12) are not necessary.Applicants must apply in person at the Immigration Bureau.

Schedule from application to registration (2022)

April Admission September Admission
Entrance Application Fee Deadline

Sep. 3 ~ 27, 2021

Apr. 4 ~ 25, 2022

Online Registration Deadline

Sep. 3 ~ 27, 2021

Apr. 4 ~ 25, 2022

Acceptance of Application Packages

Must be received 
by Sep. 27, 2021

Must be received 
by Apr. 25, 2022

On-site Interview

Late October, 2021

Late May, 2022

Notification of Results

Mid. November, 2021

Mid. June, 2022

Admission Fee and Tuition Deadline

Late November, 2021

Late June, 2022

Visa Application Deadline

February, 2022

August, 2022

Entry into Japan

Late March, 2022

Late September, 2022

Entrance Ceremony

Early April, 2022

Late September, 2022

Admission Data (from the last 3 years)

  Applicants Successful Applicants
April 2018 Admission 62 52
September 2018 Admission 94 83
April 2019 Admission 61 50
September 2019 Admission 107 83
April 2020 Admission 65 51
September 2020 Admission 66 51
April 2021 Admission 29 28
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