日時: 2020年10月9日(金)16:30~18:00

場所: オンライン・セミナー

報告者: 筒井義郎 氏

タイトル: "How does risk preference change under the stress of COVID-19? Evidence from Japan"

要旨: Though recent studies have reported that risk preference changes with large events, they have not reached a consensus on its direction. We collected panel data of Japanese individuals in five waves over three months when COVID-19 spread and then dwindled. By measuring risk preference through questions on the willingness to pay for insurance, we found that individuals became more risk tolerant over the period, which may be interpreted as "habituation" to repeated stress, as is known in neuroscience. Moreover, people were more averse to mega risk than moderate risk, as the former demonstrated stronger correlation with the perception of COVID-19.