Minami-Senri International Plaza (Facilities and Dormitory)

Construction of the “Minami-Senri International Plaza” where modern educational facilities and a dormitory for international students are included together was completed in April, 2012. The location of the Plaza is very convenient being approximately 30 minutes away from downtown Osaka by train, and 15 minutes away by bike from the main campus of Kansai University in Senriyama.

  • Minami-Senri International Plaza
  • Minami-Senri International Plaza
  • Minami-Senri International Plaza

Facilities in the Plaza

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is an essential part of daily and university life in comtemporary Japanese society. ICT is the core of Bekka education and it offers extensive learning opportunities with e-learning inside and outside of the classrooms. Therefore students will develop information literacy skills as well as language proficiency. The majority of the places in the facility have wireless LAN.

Minami-Senri International Plaza 1F 2F
    1. 1Classrooms
      (10 rooms+Big class room)
    2. 2IT room
    3. 3Study room
    4. 4Library
    1. 5Lounge
    2. 6Terrace
    3. 7Welcome Patio
    4. 8Multi-purpose room
    1. 9Japanese style room
    2. 10Recreation room
    3. 11Dormitory rooms
      (165 rooms)
    4. 12Shared lounge kitchen
    1. 13Laundry room
    2. 14Office
    3. 15Building Manager's Office
    4. 16Parking

The facilities with★are equipped with wireless.

Facilities in the Plaza

Student dormitory (165 rooms)

Dormitory life
  • Unit system
    Unit system

    Each unit is composed of 6-7 rooms, shared kitchen, and lounge so that Bekka students can spend time with other students in the dormitory.

  • Resident assistant
    Resident assistant

    Resident assistants who are students at Kansai University have been living in the dorm to support the daily life of Bekka international students.

  • Sharing cultures

    Minami-Senri International Plaza will be a venue for study, for living and also for cultural exchange with people from the local community. Students will develop intercultural flexibility and learn how to live together within the Japanese community, as well as sharing their own cultures through attending activities at the “Intercultural Exchange Plaza”.

  • Human Resource Development Programs

    Dormitory students can participate in a variety of Human Resource Development Programs exclusively for residents.
    Examples of courses offered: Cross-cultural understanding or leadership courses, English language lessons, and so on.

The dormitory rooms
The dormitory rooms
    1. 1Balcony
    2. 2Desk
    3. 3Bed
    4. 4Bookshelf
    1. 5Storage space
    2. 6Refrigerator
    3. 7Bath with a toilet
  1. Safe living environment with on-campus location
  2. All rooms are single occupancy with privacy guaranteed.
  3. Toilet, bath, refrigerator, bedding, air conditioning and all necessary things are provided.
  4. Internet access is available in all dormitory rooms and common facilities.
  5. The dormitory fee of JPY48,000 per month includes electricity, gas, water, linen leasing fee and the Internet. (As of 2023)
  6. ※ Dormitory fee is subject to change. Please follow the latest information as for 2024.
For students who wish to live in an off-campus apartment

If students do not wish to move into the International Students Dormitory and wish to rent an off-campus apartment or condominium on their own, please contact the following companies.

Kansai University CO-OP https://kandai-heya.jp/
The Co-op is committed to providing support for international students, including the Joint Guarantor Assistance System for international students and introductions to shared housing.

National Student Information Center Rental Housing Information Search System
Reservations can be made before entering Japan and inquiries can be made in 4 different foreign languages are also available.

Additionally, all information registered with these companies has no connection with Kansai University.


Hankyu Senri Line
  • About 5 minutes on foot Minami-Senri International Plaza
  • About 15 minutes by bike
  • About 5 minutes on foot Senriyama Campus
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