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About us

Developing individual students’ aspirations and their ability to think and act for themselves

Kansai University Elementary School is committed to fostering children’s ability to sense, think, and act. During the course of learning, children are challenged to understand the purpose of study, to investigate and pursue answers to their own questions.
We provide a six-year educational program that fosters children’s aspirations and develops their potential so that in the future they can play an active role on the global stage.
We look forward to providing your child with the very best learning experience.

Exceptional Academic Abilities
  • Developing the ability to raise questions based on intellectual curiosity, and to think about how to address those questions
  • Acquiring basic academic knowledge and skills
  • Modular learning
  • MUSE learning
  • Learning focused on cultivating the ability to think
International Understanding
  • Fostering the ability to contribute to international cooperation and global peace by expanding personal horizons and promoting understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives
  • Developing the ability to communicate with students overseas by making effective use of English proficiency acquired in class
  • Exchange programs (home and abroad)
  • Intercultural communication experience
A Healthy Body
  • Developing the ability to find pleasure and joy in physical exercise and making consistent efforts to be physically active by having definite goals, through programs suited to the individuals’ stages of physical and emotional development as well as through programs that promote healthy life habits, including dietary education
  • Nutritious school meals
  • Overnight sleepovers in every grade
  • Programs that develop physical strength (endurance running, jump-rope, etc.)
Rich Interaction
  • Developing an appreciation of the importance of interacting with people and nature by cultivating an active and positive attitude toward life, through various social interactions and exposure to the natural world.
  • Activities with children in different grades and schools
  • Art appreciation programs and overnight sleepovers
  • MUSE Club
Solid Character
We develop children into pupils who are enthusiastic about learning, who respect and inspire each another, and who are instilled with high ethical standards as well as human decency.

Message from the Principal

What we can do now The best education for our children

During the 2020 school year, which started with the simultaneous closure of all schools in Japan due to the new coronavirus, we have been supporting our students’ learning with the principle of “delivering the best education we can given the current situation.” With conditions worsening day by day, rather than throwing our hands up, conceding “we can't do it,” we at Kansai University Elementary School have been focusing instead on “how we can do it.” Since April, we have been striving to ensure that our students are provided plentiful opportunities to learn by offering remote classes via the Internet. Moreover, rather than cancelling our regular school events, we have been customizing the events so that they can be held safely. At the end of the school year, we heard from many students say, “although we were not able to do many things this year, we were able to accomplish many things in different ways, so it was a fulfilling year.” No matter what the situation is, we at Kansai University Elementary School will do our best to support out students’ learning.

We will continue to develop not only our students’ academic skills, but also their minds and physical bodies through abundant well-balanced, hands-on activities. In addition, the students develop through the fostering of thinking skills, international awareness education, English education, education utilizing ICT tools, and library education. Our aim is to nurture our students’ fundamental nature and to develop them into members of society possessing high ethical standards and self-worth.

Let's work together to create the best school in Japan.

Motoi Nagato
Kansai University Elementary School Principal

Main Objectives of Our Integrated Education

  • 1.Enhance “exceptional academic abilities,” “international understanding,” “rich interaction” and “a healthy body” in a balanced manner, according to each individual’s stages of physical and emotional development, by taking full advantage of our 12-year integrated education program provided on the same campus.
  • 2.Develop the ability to think and act for oneself, apply acquired knowledge in practical situations and turn it into wisdom, by conducting experience-oriented classes that encourage pupils to identify challenges and resolve them.
  • 3.Foster “strong” and “flexible” human resources with a broad vision and a good sense of balance to explore a path of coexistence, while respecting diverse values.

School Songs

Kansai University’s Official Song

Kansai University Elementary School Song

School Song for Ongoing Generations

Kansai University Elementary School, Junior High School and Senior High School have always shared Kansai University’s official school song. However, in April 2010, a new song was composed for the elementary school, with the hope that our children will develop a deeper emotional attachment to the school and fully enjoy their school life. The score to our school song was composed by a high school teacher at Kansai University Senior High School, while the lyrics were created by a project team consisting of third graders who represented our school’s most upper grade at the time. The students tirelessly discussed the school vision and spent considerable time in selecting appropriate words. The result of their hard work became Kansai University Elementary School song, titled “Kokoro wo hitotsuni,”or “Make our hearts one.”
In the 2011 academic year, the second verse of the school song was created. Our students sang this song during our entrance and graduation ceremonies, as well as during other various events such as our school cultural festivals and athletic meets. We believe that this song, along with Kansai University's official school song, will continue to be sung for generations; the thoughts and hopes preserved in the song will remain true and dear.

Basic Information

General Information

Name Kansai University Elementary School
Address 7-1 Hakubai-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka
Principal Motoi Nagato
Establishment 2010
Size Total number of pupils: 360
Number of classes: 2 classes in each grade
Class size: 30 pupils
*1, 2
  • Admission Fee: ¥300,000
  • Tuition: ¥800,000
  • Facility fees: ¥200,000
Other fees:
  • Miscellaneous fee: ¥60,000
  • School meal fee: ¥104,500
  • Education support association enrollment fee: ¥2,000
  • Education support association fee: ¥10,000
  • *1: Tuition and other fees for Academic Year 2016 are yet to be determined. For reference, the fees for the previous year have been provided above.
  • *2: Additional fees for school uniform and a school trip reserve fund are also required.