Application procedures(2024 Fall)

1.Application procedures

Application eligibility

Students who are enrolled at our partner universities, and have been nominated by their home university.

Online application deadline

~ April 20 (Sat), 2024 (JST)

Application method

Apply using the Online Application for Exchange Program. The URL for Online Application is sent to coordinators of our partners.
When applying online, in addition to completing all the required fields, it is also necessary to upload the below documents (PDF, JPEG or PNG).
*Only documents issued within 3 months are valid.
*Forms 4 to 8 can be downloaded here.
*Please use Japanese characters or alphabetical characters when entering your name.

  1. Photograph for identification *For specifications and guidelines for ID photos, please refer to the “Website Here” and upload a photograph that meets all the requirements.
  2. Passport page containing your photograph
  3. Certificate of Enrollment
  4. Certificate of Health
  5. Exchange Program Recommendation *Should be filled by student’s home university.
  6. Exchange Program Covenants application *The signature of the applicant is required.
  7. Exchange Program Research Plan *Only applicants who wish to study as a graduate exchange student at Kansai University
  8. DORMITORY GUARANTEE *Only applicants who wish to live in the International Student Dormitory.
    *Please understand that we cannot guarantee the acceptance at student dormitories due to the capacity.
  9. *Students who wish to reside in a dormitory must fill in the preference survey from the link below.              

    【Survey for your dormitory preference】*Mandatory for students who wish to reside in a dormitory.

Graduate Exchange Students

Students who are enrolled in graduate programs at their home universities are able to apply.

During the exchange period, students who wish to take practicums at a Graduate School of Kansai University will be accepted as a graduate exchange student only if the graduate school of their choice approves.
Students who wish to take practicums at a graduate school must search for a professor suitable for their research theme using “the KANSAI UNIVERSITY System for Academic Information“ and submit a research plan (in either Japanese or English) at the time of application.

*Graduate courses may not be opened if there are no regular students to take a course of a relevant graduate school.

*Regarding acceptance at the graduate level, acceptance may be refused at the discretion of the professors due to inconsistency in research content etc. In that case, please note that students will be accepted as an undergraduate exchange student.


Kansai University will check if all application forms are sufficient and accurate.
We will then review the application internally and make a decision on whether or not to accept the student.


The schedule from application procedure to arrival in Japan is as follows.
Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

Details Time Period
Application procedures for Certificate of Eligibility Early June – Mid June
Check of details of Certificate of Health
Issuance of the Letter of Acceptance June
Sending of the Welcome Pack Early August – Late August
Visa application
Arrival in Japan and orientation Early September - Mid September
Start of classes September 21~

Application procedures for COE (Certificate of Eligibility)

The COE is the certificate necessary for an exchange student’s visa application.
To obtain a COE, Kansai University will make an application to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan on behalf of the student based on the details provided in the online application. If more details are required to apply, a company commissioned by the university will contact you via email.

※Japanese nationals (including dual nationals) are not eligible to apply for COE as we ask you to enter Japan as a Japanese national. We will inform you of the procedures to be taken after entry into Japan after hearing with you individually.

Checking details in the Certificate of Health

If there is anything on the Certificate of Health that requires confirmation, Kansai University will contact you for clarifications.

Issuance of the Letter of Acceptance

As soon as acceptance procedures at our university are completed, we will inform you of the acceptance permission and how to download the Letter of Acceptance.
Also, please note that we cannot answer any questions related to the details of the selection.
*Please do not forget the ID and password to be registered at the time of the online application as you will need them when you download the Letter of Acceptance.
*The acceptance may be cancelled if details in the application are found to be false.

Sending of the Welcome Pack

After Kansai University officially determines students’ acceptance, as soon as the COE is ready, a Welcome Pack will be sent via email from Kansai University to the applicants directly.
*The COE is issued after screening by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan. Kansai University cannot guarantee the issuance of a COE or the timing of issuance. The preparation of all other documents may be delayed if the screening for COE issuance at the Immigration Services Agency of Japan is prolonged.
The Welcome Pack includes:

  1. Electronic Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
    The COE is a certificate essential for your visa application and cannot be reissued. Please treat the COE carefully.
  2. Application for work permit
    Exchange students are able to work part-time by acquiring a work permit. Please apply for it when entering Japan i.e. at the airport if you wish to get the work permit.
  3. Letter of Dormitory Acceptance
    This document will be enclosed only if the student has selected to reside in a international students dormitories in the online application.
    However, regrettably, they may not be able to reside in a dormitory if it is already full. Also, Kansai University will assign the dormitory.
  4. The personal information of those who are going to reside in a dormitory will be shared with the team in charge of internatinal student dormitories for the purpose of student management for the dormitories.         

  5. Appointment letter for scholarship (subjects only)
    This will be enclosed only for students who are eligible for a scholarship from Kansai University.
  6. Visa application

    Please print out the (3) Letter of Acceptance and make an application for a visa at the Japan consulate overseas after receiving the Letter of Acceptance and electronic COE. Documents necessary for the application vary depending on the country, so please check with the consulate.
    *Please purchase an airline ticket after a visa has been obtained.
    *A certain amount of time is required from application to the issuance, so allow plenty of time when making the application.
    *Depending on embassies, consulates and permanent missions, reservations might be needed in order to apply for a visa, so make sure to check beforehand.

    Arrival in Japan and orientation

    After arriving in Japan, an orientation and course registration will be held. The orientation will include sessions on procedures required at the city hall and how to open a bank account. The orientation schedule will be enclosed in your Arrival Packet which we will hand to you when you enter the international student dormitory.