What is a Premium Internship?

Premium Internships are a type of training program that put international students who are considering employment in Japan
on the front line of business with a Japanese company.
This program, developed by SUCCESS-Osaka in collaboration with Japanese corporations, stresses acquisition of problem-solving,
employment, project, and other relevant experience, with a wide range of options. These internships put you in real business environments.


What you’ll learn with a Premium Internship

  • Basic

    Supercharge your analytical and other foundational thinking skills

    You’ll learn to characterize matters systematically and strengthen your ability to generate logically consistent conclusions. Moreover, you’ll cultivate the ability to characterize problems, formulate solutions, and explain your conclusions clearly based on concrete quantitative and other information.

  • Experience

    Gain practical experience in identifying challenges and formulating solutions

    SUCCESS-Osaka places special emphasis on cultivating the ability to identify challenges. You’ll hone this ability by learning to prepare effective briefings and make business presentations in front of companies.

  • Culture

    Understand corporate culture by working with companies on the front line

    We knows that understanding a company’s culture is equally as important as understanding its business strategy. By working alongside company employees you’ll learn about how they put their value system into practice.

Premium Internship: Eligibility for Entry

  • SUCCESS-Osaka Fellow
  • JLPT N1 or equivalent. BJT (Business Japanese Proficiency Test) Level J1 or J1+ recommended
  • In principle, the ability to attend all meetings and events, and participate actively in the internship
  • Submission and approval of Premium Internship Entry Sheet
  • Note: Participation in a Premium Internship fulfills one of the internship requirements for being a SUCCESS Fellow.


Achievements to date

  • 2017

    Output practice through workshops with Japanese companies

    Japanese companies held workshops for international students.
    During the internship, students learned logical thinking methods required to identify challenges,
    and acquire experience in preparing proposals and giving presentations.

  • 2018

    Formulation of SUCCESS-Osaka Future Design, a business plan to achieve SDGs

    Increase in the number of participating Japanese companies compared to the previous year.
    Internships to formulate solutions jointly by international students and companies,
    to solve social challenges identified by the students.

  • 2019 COMING SOON

In addition to joint efforts with companies,
joint efforts by teams of students drawn from different academic years to solve social challenges (achieve SDGs), with mutual follow-up.

We believe that efforts to solve social challenges (achieve SDGs) through Premium Internships will result in the creation of new businesses.

In addition, such internships cultivate the ability to make business proposals, and our goal is for some students to become capable of launching business startups themselves.

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