A Bekka student won the gold award in a Japanese Speech Contest! It followed Kansai University won in the group division!!


Osaka City University, Osaka Prefecture University and Kansai University held their 3rd Japanese Speech Contest for international students at Osaka City University on November 17th (Sun).

These three universities signed an agreement in 2008 to increase the number of mutual exchanges between universities including international students and encouraging each other.

This speech contest is one of its program and aims to motivate students at each university to learn from and deepen their understanding of students, including international ones, from other universities. Nine international students from the three universities gave a five-minute speech under the theme "Exchange Experiences with Different Cultures". As a result, our Bekka student, Wang Chenyue, won the gold award, as well as, our student from Environmental and Urban Engineering and exchange student each won the incentive award. It followed that, we, Kansai University, won in the group division for the first time.
There were some performances by students from Osaka City University and social gathering after the contest. The interaction was deepened in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Seen far right, Gold awarded, Wang-san

    Seen far right, Gold awarded, Wang-san

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