The 2022 Fall Entrance Ceremony was held


The Entrance Ceremony was held on September 24, 2022 to welcome 66 students from 7 countries and regions, including Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Vietnam and Mexico to Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course (Bekka).

A ceremonial address by Vice President, Takao Fujita and a congratulatory address by Senior Executive Trustee, Hidetoshi Yano were given at the ceremony to welcome the new students. Ms. Lin took the oath as a representative of the new students.

31 of the new students attended in person, face-to-face, to make for a lively entrance ceremony. Students who could not enter Japan before the day of the ceremony were also able to participate via Zoom. All the students who received congratulatory speeches were filled with anticipation and high expectations as they began their lives as international students.

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