The 2021 Fall Completion Ceremony was held


The 2021 Fall Completion Ceremony was held to congratulate 47 Bekka students who successfully completed the course on March 11, 2022.

At the ceremony, Vice President, Takao Fujita and Senior Exective Trustee, Hidetoshi Yano delivered congratulatory addresses to the students. Ms. Tong, who received the diploma as a representative of the students, expressed that she was able to deepen her knowledge at the Bekka, not only through her studies but also through field trips. She expressed her sincere gratitude to the teachers who supported her in her daily life as well, and said that she sincerely hopes to see them again someday, along with her fellow students who are completing their studies without being able to enter Japan. She concluded by expressing her gratitude and hopes for the future of her academic life, taking advantage of the experience she learned at the Bekka.

After the ceremony, a farewell party was held and Director of International Education, Toshihiro Sawayama made a congratulations to the students. Each of the students received the diploma and commemorative gift from Director Sawayama. They made a new start with a bright smile on their faces.

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