Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course (IJLC) Summer was completed


The annual Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course (IJLC) Summer was held online for 23 days from July 11 to August 2, 2022.
We welcomed a total of 29 participants from the U.S., Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.

Especially, students of Kansai University who supported participants as "Conversational Partners" in classes were received well. In addition to Japanese language classes, the participants also had an event to interact with KU students, where they enjoyed talking about topics unique to their age group.

The participants also had the opportunity to experience Japanese culture through learning ninja and samurai, and wrapping with a traditional wrapping cloth known as furoshiki.
In the ninja experience, they were taught a method of self-defense, nine symbolic cuts called "Kuji-kiri". In the samurai experience, they enjoyed learning about Japanese swords and suits of armor with quizzes.
They enjoyed actually wrapping and arranging wine bottles and boxes using the furoshiki delivered from Japan in the wrapping experience with furoshiki.

Everyone was able to experience the unique culture of Japan in their own countries, even though they were all online.

The participants, who had been very nervous in the first few days of the course, gradually improved their Japanese conversation ability. On the last day, they were able to give a final presentation summarizing their results of the past three weeks.

It was a very short period of time, but some of them commented at the completion ceremony that they really enjoyed the course because they had a lot of conversations. They reluctantly bid farewell, expressing their gratitude to the kind conversational partners and teachers.

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