Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course (IJLC) Summer1 was completed


The annual Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course (IJLC) Summer 1 was held online for 21 days from June 3 to June 23, 2021. This time, 14 students from an American university participated despite a 13-hour time difference.

Especially, students of Kansai University who supported participants as "Conversational Partners" in classes were received well. The participants also had an event to interact with KU students, where they greatly enjoyed talking in Japanese.

In the Japanese cultural experience, they made misanga bracelets with detailed online instructions on how to make them, using thin strings called "Kyoto Gold and Silver String" which was a part of Kyoto's traditional culture.

The participants who had been nervous in the first few days of the course, gradually improved their Japanese conversational ability. On the last day, they were able to give a final presentation summarizing their results of the past three weeks.

At the closing ceremony, some of them commented that they really enjoyed the course or promised that they would definitely go to Osaka next time. They reluctantly bid farewell, expressing their gratitude to the kind conversational partners and teachers.

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