Completion Ceremony was held


Completion Ceremony was held to congratulate 60 Bekka students who successfully completed the course on March 12, 2021. For once, the ceremony was held in two separate venues to avoid crowding, and we streamed live on Zoom for those who could not take a direct part in it.

At the ceremony, President, Yutaka Maeda and Senior Executive Trustee, Hidetoshi Yano delivered congratulatory addresses to the students. Mr. Wang Baichuan, who received the diploma as a representative of the students from President Maeda, responded both of them and said that the time he spent with his respected teachers and dear friends was his treasure that would last a lifetime. He stated his determination to make the best use of experiences he gained through this course of Bekka.

After the ceremony, a farewell party was held and Vice President, Takao Fujita made a congratulations to the students. Each of the students received the diploma and commemorative gift from Director of Center for International Education, Eiichi Yamamoto. They made a new start with a bright smile on their faces.

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