Appreciation of Traditional Japanese Entertainment and Trial Lesson of Noh Play


"Appreciation of Traditional Japanese Entertainment and Trial Lesson of Noh Play" was held at Minami-Senri International Plaza on November 26th. A stage with a folding-screen of an Old Pine Tree was built in the hall. More than one hundred students participated in the trial lesson, including online participants.

First, Mr. Akihiro Yamamoto from Yamamoto Nohgakudo provided a brief history of Noh plays and Noh masks. Japanese traditional instruments such as Noh flutes, small hand drums, large drums and stick drums which were used for musical accompaniment called hayashi, were handed down from generation to generation for hundreds years. "Those musical instruments are in the best condition," he said. "We continue to practice day and night so that we could have the best performance ever so far. Then we will hand them on to next performers. This is what is called tradition."

Then, Mr. Yamamoto explained about the program of Noh play, titled "Angel's Raiment (Hagoromo)" and gave advice to students as follows. "Just watch our performance and feel it in your heart." All of the participants were enchanted with the performance.

Makoto Reed Inouye, one of Bekka students from U.S.A told what he thought. "I thought that Noh plays were a form of martial arts which I have been learning, after listening to the explanation that Noh plays were performed in the Japanese warrior society during the Edo period. I was moved by deep voices echoing in the hall and felt how wonderful they were."

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