A Bekka student won the bronze award in the Japanese Speech Contest!


Osaka City University, Osaka Prefecture University and Kansai University held their 4th Japanese Speech Contest for international students on November 29th (Sun). These three universities signed an agreement in 2008 to increase the number of mutual exchanges between universities. The speech contest was held as one of their collaborative programs. As a result, our Bekka student from Taiwan, Huang Xiao-Feng, won the bronze award.

<Interview with Huang Xiao-Feng>

Q1. How did you first get interested in learning Japanese?

I started learning Japanese after I watched Japanese TV dramas, when I was a university student. But I wanted to concentrate in class and decided to take a break from studying Japanese. After university, I participated in a study session where Taiwanese and Japanese talked to each other in both Chinese and Japanese. I was shocked that I mostly could not speak Japanese well. I opened textbooks of Japanese again and resumed my study.

Q2. Please tell us briefly about your speech.

First, I explained the difference between Japanese rules and Taiwanese rules for the garbage disposal. I also told the story of getting the opportunity to become friends with my neighbor when I took out of garbage. I called us as Taiwanese-style "Garbage pal". I want to make lots of "Such-and-such pal" in Japanese style while I live in Japan.

Q3. Please tell us your impression about entering the speech contest.

I was not sure when I could enter Japan as I applied for the contest and so full of anxiety during preparation. I really appreciate for my teachers' guidance and supports. They checked my speech draft and taught me how to find the right words to express in Japanese. All the participants except me were undergraduate students. On the other hand, I just came to Japan and felt considerable pressure. However, I had a great experience. When I look back, I am proud of myself for taking the plunge and applying for the contest.

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