Field trip to Hyogo


At Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course (Bekka), we offer field trips for students to learn about Japan and its culture three times a year.

On April 20, about 110 Bekka students went on a field trip to Hyogo led by teachers and staff members.

At Asahi soft drinks Akashi factory, they observed the production process of the soft drinks through various machineries. It was a very good opportunity to see cutting edge automation technologies. Then they tasted the soft drinks and quenched their thirst.

At lunch time, they cooked Akashi-yaki by themselves and ate them at Shourou-tei.

Then they visited Takenaka carpentry tools museum and learned about Japanese traditional carpentry tools & construction techniques. They also enjoyed wood work experience at the workshop.

Bekka students had a great day learning about Japanese culture and technologies, as well as communication and friendships with new friends.

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