The 2018 Autumn Entrance Ceremony was held


The Entrance Ceremony was held on September 22nd to welcome 73 students from United States, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, China, France, Vietnam, and Myanmar to Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course (Bekka).

President Keiji Shibai made a welcome speech to encourage new students.Shibai introduced the episode about Edward Gibbon, an english historian. Gibbon wrote great experience in his autobiography, widening his view at Lausanne, Switzerland for 5 years. Nevertheless he had a hard time there from the age of 16, he had a wonderful experience until he went back to his mother country. President Keiji Shibai sent a message new students not to stay inside their own culture, but open their mind to others lovingly, and enjoy great moments away from their country.

To reach their goals, all the students started a new life in Japan.

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