Field Trip in Kyoto


At Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course (Bekka), we offer field trips for students to learn about Japan and its culture.

On December 9, about 110 Bekka students went on a field trip to Kyoto. At first, they visited Kyoto Railway Museum and observed railway dioramas, actual train cars and other exhibits. They were surprised at Japanese technology. At Kyoto Handicraft Center, they enjoyed the experience of making incense bags which are Japanese traditional crafts. They blended their own mixture from three types of Japanese incense and made their original ones. After that, they enjoyed walking around Nanzen-ji Temple full of quaint atmosphere, even though it was a cold day.

Bekka students had a great day learning about Japanese culture and technology in the beautiful scenery of Kyoto.

And also they deepened their friendship through communication in Japanese, overcoming cultural differences.

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