A Message from International Student at Kansai University


There's no denying that preparing for graduate school in Japan is a challenging task for most international students. Since postgraduate students are expected to contribute to their field of study, applicants are required to have a high-level of Japanese proficiency, especially academic writing and presentation skills.

To be honest, I had no idea what a research proposal looks like and how to write an academic essay in Japanese before entering the Bekka program. However, through Academic Japanese lessons and the wonderful teachers that I encountered, I was able to improve my academic language skills. Moreover, Bekka program provides students with diverse courses related to Japan. These courses effectively deepen students' knowledge of Japanese culture and improve their Japanese language competence.

Undeniably, the workload of the course was really high, the sheer volume of homework assigned, tests were carried out everyday. Meanwhile, I had to contact professors and prepare my research proposal. Admittedly, I doubted if I could achieve my goals during that time. However, with the help from teacher and administration staff, I get into graduate school successfully.

Indeed, realising the dream is not easy, but I'm sure that your efforts will eventually pay off. I therefore strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve Japanese skills and pursue further study in Japan.

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