A Message from an International Student at Kansai University


Studying as a foreign Bekka student at Kansai University this academic year was my first
oversea experience and a year which I do believe is the biggest turning point of my life.

Through the strict daily basis of studying Japanese, I had become more responsible towards time management and began to know how to engage in learning beyond the classroom through living in an environment which differs from where I am from.

I also had a chance to meet students, both Japanese and foreign, who have come from places with different backgrounds and cultures. Through these meetings, I had experienced and discovered the life beyond what seems usual to me and developed an interest in the cultural diversities which is what I had decided to study for my undergraduate degree.

During this one year at Kansai University Bekka Program, I had earned a lifetime friendship and as a dormitory student, I had plentiful memories as there are other activities of living with the Japanese Resident Assistants and other foreign friends. It was an experience which is valuable and worth remembering for a lifetime.

Finally, a big thank you to the instructors who was very dedicated and making tremendous effort throughout this year.
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