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York... York! ... YORK!

From Minster.jpgWhat a beautiful city. I love it for another reason though: because it has history in every step. When I walk down a street in York, I think about how a Roman Emperor walked here once too, and a Viking.

When I look at the cathedral (in the picture above), I think about the poor people who lived here so long ago, how religious they were, and how this building was a kind of heaven on earth for them.

When I look at the stone walls around York, I think about how 400 years ago, Oliver Cromwell looked at them too, before attacking the city with his soldiers. (Cromwell is in the picture below.)


(Image from Wikipedia Commons - public domain)

I went to York the first time last month, and I will be going there again this summer. If you love history too, come out with me for a walk. Let's put our footsteps on the streets of York too, so that someday, the children of our children of our children can walk where we once walked too.

See you there!

Curtis Kelly



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