Kyudo Experience -Japanese Archery-


We held a Kyudo experience on December 4th as a part of the "Japan studies" class for Bekka with the cooperation of the Kansai University Kyudo club.

Bekka students were welcomed by students wearing Kyudo uniform in silent atmosphere at the Kyudo ground. They seemed a bit nervous, but were excited about the first environment. First, a student from the Kyudo club gave an explanation about bow tools, and followed by a performance. Bekka students were into the strict movement of shooting arrows. After that, they actually experienced Kyudo guided carefully by students from the Kyudo club. At first they couldn't shoot well, but as they practiced, the figure of holding a bow and arrow changed, and finally improved to the point where they hit the target.

Both Bekka students and Kyudo club students enjoyed interacting with each other.

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