2. 講演会・シンポジウム
  3. その他の講演・シンポジウム(2024年)
  4. 外国語による講演会(2024.5.24開催)


開催案内 外国語による講演会(2024.5.24開催)



日 時: 2024年5月24日(金)16:30~18:00

場 所: 関西大学千里山キャンパス 第4学舎4号館 B1階 4001教室

講 演: "Biointerfaces: at the crossroad between
      materials science, biology and medicine"
           Prof. Marta Cerruti
           Materials Engineering, McGill University

概 要:
Material surfaces are directly exposed to the surrounding environment, and thus determine
crucial properties such as durability and reactivity. This is particularly true for materials with
application in biology. Nanomaterials are excellent candidates for drug carriers or as building
blocks of scaffolds for cellular support; but their surfaces need to be modified to enable
on-demand drug delivery or to provide the correct cues for cellular interactions. Upon
implantation in the body, the interactions occurring in the very first few minutes between
implantsurfaces and biological molecules determine the long-term success or failure of the
implant. Even the surface of natural materials in our own body, such as the matrix produced
by cells, crucially determines both physiological processes such as bone formation and
pathological phenomena such as heart valve calcification. This talk will provide a brief
overview of all these topics, which Professor Cerruti's group has explored within her group,
the "Biointerface laboratory", for the past 15 years.


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