2. 講演会・シンポジウム
  3. その他の講演・シンポジウム(2024年)
  4. 招へい研究者による特別講演会(外国語)(2024.5.24開催)


開催案内 招へい研究者による特別講演会(外国語)(2024.5.24開催)


日 時: 2024年5月24日(金)13:30~14:30

場 所: 関西大学千里山キャンパス 第4学舎 3号館 3402教室

講 演: "Interplay between electrode and electrolyte in electrochemical energy
conversion and storage systems"
       Prof. Krzysztof Fic
       Poznan University of Technology

概 要: ※本講演は、先端科学技術推進機構に所属する研究員を対象とし、英語で行われます。
The lecture aims at providing a recent review on the works about the role of the electrolyte in the electrochemical energy conversion and storage systems, with special focus on the in-situ and operando techniques (Raman spectroscopy, Quartz Crystal Microbalance (EQCM) or Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM), Electrochemical Dilatometry (ECD)) and their valuable role in the batteries and electrochemical capacitors development. Besides typical electrochemical techniques, certain combinations with physicochemical tests will be discussed.
Special attention will be devoted to the systems exploiting porous electrodes, with discussion on the adsorption techniques and further material characterization. The course will introduce to advantages and disadvantages of aqueous, organic and ionic liquid-based formulations, with special attention on their long-term performance.

※ 事前申込み: 不要、 参加費: 無料

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