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  3. その他の講演・シンポジウム(2024年)
  4. 招へい研究者による特別講演会(外国語)(2024.5.13開催)


開催案内 招へい研究者による特別講演会(外国語)(2024.5.13開催)


日 時: 2024年5月13日(月)13:00~14:00

場 所: 関西大学千里山キャンパス 第4学舎 2号館 2402教室

講 演: "Novel concepts for metal-ion capacitors and redox-active electrolytes"
       Prof. Krzysztof Fic
       Poznan University of Technology

概 要: ※本講演は、本学4年次生および大学院生を対象とし、英語で行われます。
Hybrid electrochemical capacitors seems to become quite competitive devices to metal-ion based batteries nowadays. As they merge the high power of typical supercapacitors and high energy of the batteries, their application niche appears to be broad. Nevertheless, their assembly process is quite complicated and requires several steps. The recent findings indicate that one-step assembly became possible, but requires certain additive either to electrode material or electrolyte solution. The lecture will discuss both approaches and will provide comprehensive overview on the developments made in recent years. Systems based on Li-, Na- and K-ions will be demonstrated and their performance elaborated.

※ 事前申込み: 不要、 参加費: 無料

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