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Faculty Members


Position name  
Associate Professor ALLEN, Todd James Sociopragmatics / Intercultural Communication / Academic Writing
Professor ANAN, Nobuko Theatre and Performance Studies / Visual Culture /Gender and Sexuality Theory
Professor BARKE, Andrew Pragmatics / Sociolinguistics / Discourse Analysis
Professor GEN, Yukiko Chinese Language / History of Chinese Language /
Associate Professor GUO, Yang Chinese Studies / Chinese Education / Theoretical Linguistics
Professor HIRASHIMA, Rika French Language / Teaching the French Language / Contrastive
Associate Professor HOFMEYR, Ana Sofia Intercultural Competence / English Language Education / Applied Linguistics
Professor HUMPHRIES, Simon Applied linguistics / TESOL / intercultural communication
Professor HUNT, Alan John Vocabulary Acquisition and Extensive Reading
Professor IKEDA, Maiko Applied Linguistics (Language Learner Strategies/English for Young Learners)
Professor IMAI, Hiroyuki English language education (Classroom research, Speaking, Teacher education)
Professor INOUE, Noriko English Poetry / Metrics / Middle English
Associate Professor IZAWA, Sayaka Japanese Pedagogy /Japanese Language Education in the Community and for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children
Associate Professor JIN, Jia Applied Linguistics (Second Language Acquisition)/ Phonetics / Teaching Chinese or Japanese as a Foreign Language
Professor KASHIWAGI, Kikuko German Literature / European Ethnology
Professor KATO, Masato Language Analysis (Philosophy of Language) / Semantics / Mereology and Ontology
Professor KAWAHARA, Kiyoshi translation studies / social semiotics / media English studies
Professor KIKUCHI, Atsuko Linguistics/ Interpreting and Translation Studies
Professor KO, Myung Gyun Korean Linguistics / Lexical semantics
Professor KOJIMA, Miyuki Chinese Linguistics
Professor KONDO, Masao Russian Literature / Russian Culture


Position name  
Professor LEE, Haruki Narratology / Translation Studies
Associate Professor LUCAS, Matt Applied Linguistics / Second-language Acquisition / Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (TESOL/TEFL)
Professor MASUMOTO, Tomoko Intercultural Communication
Assistant Professor MATSUNAGA, Kaoru International Education (Higher Education) / Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) / Identity
Professor MATSUOKA, Yuta Korean Linguistics / Discriptive Linguistics (Verb Morphology)
Professor MIZUMOTO, Atsushi Corpus Linguistics / Language Testing and Assessment / Vocabulary Learning and Teaching
Professor MORISAKI, Seiichi Intercultural Communication
Professor NABEI, Toshiyo Second Language Education (TESOL, TEFL) / Applied Linguistics (SLA, Dicourse Analysis)
Associate Professor ODAGIRI Nami Sociolinguistics / Area Studies (Central Asia) / Russian Language Education
Professor OKUDA, Takaichi English Linguistics (English Usage, Contrastive Semantics)
Professor OKUMURA, Kayoko History of Chinese Learning / Acceptance of Chinese History
Associate Professor RAMONDA, Kris Applied Linguistics / Vocabulary Acquisition / Metaphor
Professor SAKAMOTO, Akiko Translation Studies (translation technologies / translation profession / sociological aspects of translation / translation text analysis / audiovisual translation / translator education)
Professor SHIMAZU, Momoyo Japanese Pedagogy / Discourse Analysis(Narrative)
Professor SHIN, Kokui Chinese Linguistics / Foreign Language Education
Professor SHINTANI, Natsuko Instructed Second Language Acquisition / Task-based Language Teaching / Second Language Writing / Second Language Pragmatics / Learner Individual Differences
Associate Professor SHIOTA, Sayaka Teaching Spanish as a Second Language / Spanish Culture
Associate Professor TAJIMA, Yoshihito French Culture / French Literature
Professor TAJIRI, Goro Practical English Teaching Methodology
Professor TAKAHASHI, Hideaki Sociolinguistics / Language Policy
Professor TAKAHASHI, Kinuko Interpreting / Translation Studies / Applied linguistics / Phonetics
Professor TAKANASHI, Shino Japanese Pedagogy / Japanese Linguistics (Modern Japanese Grammar)
Professor TAKEUCHI, Osamu Applied Linguistics (L2 Learning Strategies, L2 Learning Motivation, L2 Anxiety, Self-regulated Learning) / Second Language Acquisition / Educational Technology / TEFL
Associate Professor TAMURA, Yu Applied Linguistics / Psycholinguistics / Second Language Acquisition
Professor TSUZUMI, Shu Spanish-language literature


Position name  
Associate Professor UEKI, Michiko Applied Linguistics / Second Language Acquisition
Professor WADA, Yoko Middle English / Medieval English literature / History of the English language / Medieval manuscript studies
Professor YAMANE, Shigeru English phonetics / TESL
Professor YAMAZAKI, Naoki Instructional design for Chinese language learning / Information assurance in language learning / Chinese linguistics (discourse structures of Modern Mandarin Chinese)
Professor YASHIMA, Tomoko Applied Linguistics / Intercultural Communication
Professor YOSHIZAWA, Kiyomi Applied Linguistics (L2 reading / Language Testing)